Saturday, March 23, 2013

5.30pm in March, and it's hot

Yesterday in Key West was wonderfully hot.  Spring has definitely arrived.  It was beautiful, with hardly a cloud to spoil an intense blue sky.  It wasn't drippingly hot, not like the heat of the humid months of summer.  But just raw, powerful and unbroken sunshine.

I was out the front of the Truman Annex, where I took this video.  This was 5.30pm: look to see how high the sun still is in the sky this late in the day.

And I did a 360 degree series of pictures from one spot: spot the cloud!

The busiest 24 hours ever in Key West (again)

Saturday night through Sunday (the day of rest, apparently) was definitely our busiest day ever* in Key West.

It all started on Saturday night (last Saturday).  We did not get to bed until 5am, as a result of an Aqua drag show, followed by an excellent DJ and party at the Bourbon Street Pub.  Wild and very busy night in there.
Inga at Aqua started our night on Saturday.
The back bar at Bourbon Street pub on Saturday night/Sunday morning.  This is not me.

Let's pick up the story much later on Sunday morning.  This is how we were repaid the morning after:
Much worse that he looks, actually.  A restorative bloody mary in Blue Heaven.
First stop of the day was Sunday brunch at Blue Heaven.  Even though the pace was heaving as usual, I am pleased to report that the brunch was excellent and delicious.

After a quick siesta, the next appointment was 4pm at Le Ti Da for the tea dance.  It being Paddy's day everyone was resplendent in green. Lots more on the tea dance, more pics and a video - click here.

Unfortunately, the tea dance at La Ti Da's finishes at 6pm so then it was martini time - first in Virgilio's and then at the Pier House Hotel.

Martini with a view.  The ocean from Pier House Hotel, the Piano bar.
Sunset had crept up on us already.  Pier House hotel is actually a great palce to view the sunset, far away from the madding crowd a few blocks away.  Here are the views from Sunday's spectacular sunset...

Then it was dinner at veggie cafe and an early night after the excesses of the last 2 days! Good night!

*apart from the last ones.  See here.

Other interesting (maybe) stuff on my KW blog:

The Aqua drag show - pics from Saturday night

Bourbon Street Pub (Key West) - party, dj, electro dj and foam party, and dancers - all in one bar!

The gay tea dance on Sunday, Key West style 

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Elton John at Aqua in Key West

I've seen the show at Aqua on Duval Street a few times over the years, and it's still the best drag show in town.  The performers are excellent; the music mixed, loud and well chosen; they even manage to lip sync in time with the music every now and then!!  Seriously, they are great and it was brilliant to see Elton John too in the line up, see this video:

All together then:
"Girls who are boys 
Who like boys to be girls 
Who do boys like they're girls 
Who do girls like they're boys 
Always should be someone you really love"

Everything goes at Aqua!   Here are some pics of our night there on Saturday:

 Inga is my favorite.  Great outfits, dirty music, classic expressions.
Inga x2 at Aqua in Key West

Just some of the drinks.  We drank quite a lot!

 There are 2 shows, on at 9 and one at 11pm.  We arrived at about 10pm and saw the end of one and then the all of the other.
The finale of the Aqua show.
Immediately the last show ends the disco starts. Here's the first song they played:

Bourbon Street pub

The Bourbon Street Pub in Key West in March is a hot, busy and great place to be. It was full to the rafters on Saturday night.  All three areas were really busy: the main bars out front, with banging music and a traffic jam of dancer boys parading up and down the bars; a second DJ in the back bar, with electronic music; and then the garden bar with a foam party going on for good measure.

We paid $10 for extra admittance to the back bar, where a second DJ was playing trance and other electronic music all night.  And you got a glow stick.
Performers in the back bar waving their light hoops.

We spent most of the night in the back bar because the music was sooooo excellent there.  Here is the man responsible for the music.  [Sorry I cant remember your name even though you told me on the night.  If you can let me know I'd love to give you a shout here in my blog.]

Out the back in the garden was a foam party with its mountain of foam.

In the main bar, on Duval Street, this guy was dancing whilst hanging from his legs from a metal chain.

So, a very good night indeed.

And now for a 4am stumble home!
5am and we have crashed.  But the glow stick lives on, a memory of the night that's gone before!