Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The busiest day ever in Key West?

Fluffy and I had a non stop day today of the most deliciously different Key West activities.  Here’s my diary of a (not typical) day on this island.

#1 – 10am: Key West Island Books

513 Fleming.  I love browsing in this book store, unique on Key West, 80,000 second hand books (so they say) and a great selection of Key West and Florida fiction and non fiction.
Here are some feathered readers outside the store!

 #2 – 11.20am: Blue Heaven

Where else for Sunday breakfast?  As one of the servers said repeatedly, today was ‘just manic’ in Blue Heaven.  It’s Sunday so it’s always busy anyway, but add to that the power boaters weekend.   And on top of that there is a concert here today as part of the Parrotheads MOTH (at 2.00pm it’s Sunny Jim’s Songwriters showcase on the top stage).  So maybe this is the busiest day of the year here at Blue Heaven?  We had to wait 80 minutes at the bar for a table (that was fine, coffee before noon and then Key Lime martinis after noon helped as you can see).

How did they cope?  It was still very atmospheric place, my blueberry pancakes were exceptional and only one or 2 dishes were a little cold – so they held up well under the pressure.

#3 – 2pm: Sunbathing time

It’s a hard life.

#4 – 4pm: Power boat parade down Duval            

The super boats are back in Key West for the 30th time for the racing over this weekend.  The only downside is that the magnificent Budweiser Clydesdales, which we have seen in a previous year at this parade, are not here this time.

#5 – 5.15 pm: Jazz in the Gardens

The Gardens hotel, every Sunday, open to non residents in the evening, jazz (and swing and country etc) from about 5.15pm.   I’d not been into this property before.  It is incredibly well kept and I can see why it’s #2 hotel in Key West on Tripadvisor. 

Jazz was good.

I recorded two of the numbers to give you a flavor of the great music - they are here on YouTube:


We also tried the new wine tasting machine gizmo – called d’vine – which is in the hotel, off reception and the pool.  I think this hotel is great and so I hate to say this but… this is a very over-engineered way to do wine tasting.  Locking the wine up behind a glass panel, pouring it automatically using a spout and having the wine nreviews on a card.  It’s a silly way to taste wine.

And the portions are small and expensive.

I’ll stick to the jazz and the pool bar next time.  Overall, cool place.

#6 – 7pm - La Ti Da for the very end of the tea dance.

Actually we did miss the tea dance, just, so we sat at the bar and I had 2 martinis.  April mixed me an off menu Blueberry pie martini, which was great. Talked to some folks, as this place is always very social!

#7 – 9pm: Dinner at 915

Then went to bed, and straight to sleep.  Who said paradise was quiet and easy going?