Thursday, March 11, 2021

Top 10 on Visit Key West

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7 unique things about a Key West visit

Here's 7 amazing things which makes a Key West visit unique.

1. Fly on a seaplane from Key West airport to Dry Totrugas/Fort Jefferson and snorkel in the ocean

2. Eat at Blue Heaven restaurant

3. Wander around Key West harbor and see the chaos of the tarpons and pelicans being fed - free, daily 4pm

4. Wander leisurely around Key West Old Town, away from Duval Street, and see the amazing homes

5. Sit in a bar, on Duval Street, in the open air of a balmy Key West evening and watch the world go by

6. Go watch a drag show - Inga's girls at Aqua are the best - it's funny and fun. Gay, straight or a bit of both, it don't matter at Aqua

7. Get active and visit attractions only found in Key West: the Key West lighthouse, the Audubon House, the Hemingway House

Wednesday, March 10, 2021

Key West vacation

Visit Key West and you'll get an small island which is hot, sunny, beautiful, fun but also at times expensive, humid and wet. 

So, is Key West for you? 

Why Key West is great
  • Key West is expensive - the hotels and B&Bs, especially in peak season (i.e. the season you'll want to come here) charge a small fortune. There are only a few good cheap accommodation options
  • Key West is small, really small
  • Key West in off peak (August to November) is uncomfortably humid 
  • There are only 2 beaches on the island and only 1 is good
  • Key West is not that geared up for kids
If you prefer to see the glass half full, here are the best things about Key West. 

Not so great 

Different people like different vacations, so...


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Monday, March 8, 2021

Key West virtual tour

Here's a virtual tour of the fun, beauty, energy of Key West. A tour of the best bits that you can enjoy from the comfort of your chair and at no cost!

If it's cold, dark, cloudy where you are, or just plain boring - take in the following pictures and get transported across the oceans to Key West.