Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Crazy Key West

Welcome to one of my favorite posts on this blog, Key West Lookout, featuring images showing how fun, crazy and eccentric Key West and her people are. Key West is a wonderful mix of crazy and beautiful. These images are all taken by me in Key West over the last 10 years. They are all real - no posing, or photo editing. I love them - I hope you enjoy them too. For other, more normal, pictures of Key West and it's beauty and sights go to another of my posts here.
Look very carefully above this lady's stetson
Yes, it rains in Key West. I love this picture. I took it in a snap second at large zoom in bad light. It's a one in a million photo. Then he was gone. Of course, it was raining but at least it was warm.
Inga outside Aqua nightclub trying to get the punters in. With another creative costume, pretending to be a bike.

At Blue Heaven it seems like he's playing to the chicken.

Cool pink bike in Key West.
On this site in Key West in 1897 nothing happened.

Another perfect moment in Key West. He had no idea I took a picture of him. Until now.

Dog's rule in Key West. Saying hi when we were in Virgilio's.

80,000 books and we even know where some of them are. Key West Island Books.

Leather Master Key West. A very handy shop for all

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