Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Tea Dance at La Te Da hotel in Key West

4pm every Sunday: the only place to be in Key West is at La Te Da for the tea dance. It's an institution here, and I remember it very fondly when it was held at Atlantic Shores 15 years ago, but I'm sure it goes way back even before then.

It's packed full of locals, all getting down to the old favorites (music, that is!). We had a really great time yesterday, with some really fascinating people. There's nothing like dancing outside in the balmy heat. The only problem is that it just does not go on long enough (4 until 6pm). Here are some pictures of the tea dance yesterday.
Key West tea dance on Sunday afternoon at La Te Da hotel on Duval Street.  Locals and tourists combine.  It's friendly and busy and happens every single Sunday

DJs at the Tea Dance Key West.  Don't be fooled the music's great.
Dancing by myself. It starts a little quiet at the tea dance, but soon picks up!

What you looking at?

You might be noticing a lot of green.  That's because it's Paddy's day when I took these pictures.


The tea dance hostess.  "This tastes familiar..."

And then it's over. Time to leave to go to the next pub.

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