Thursday, March 21, 2013

Bourbon Street pub

The Bourbon Street Pub in Key West in March is a hot, busy and great place to be. It was full to the rafters on Saturday night.  All three areas were really busy: the main bars out front, with banging music and a traffic jam of dancer boys parading up and down the bars; a second DJ in the back bar, with electronic music; and then the garden bar with a foam party going on for good measure.

We paid $10 for extra admittance to the back bar, where a second DJ was playing trance and other electronic music all night.  And you got a glow stick.
Performers in the back bar waving their light hoops.

We spent most of the night in the back bar because the music was sooooo excellent there.  Here is the man responsible for the music.  [Sorry I cant remember your name even though you told me on the night.  If you can let me know I'd love to give you a shout here in my blog.]

Out the back in the garden was a foam party with its mountain of foam.

In the main bar, on Duval Street, this guy was dancing whilst hanging from his legs from a metal chain.

So, a very good night indeed.

And now for a 4am stumble home!
5am and we have crashed.  But the glow stick lives on, a memory of the night that's gone before!