Thursday, October 30, 2014

Sunrise in Key West

Today's sunrise in Key West was exceptional. A few strategically placed clouds and no wind made the sea a mirror. Here are the pictures - taken at sunrise, 7.30am this morning taken on S Roosevelt Blvd on my way to the airport.

I've blogged before on the obsession with Key West's sunset (the "Sunset Celebration") so I'm pleased to see a sun rise today just as good, if not better. Updated: In fact, it was so good we went back to S Roosevelt Blvd the next day to take sunrise take 2 photos. I've added both day's pictures below.

Which sunrise do you think is better?

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Getting out of Key West for a day

If you have the time it's great to get away from the small island which is Key West and take a day on the Lower Keys where there's lots of interesting stuff to do - and that's exactly what we did today. The requirements were: getting away from Highway 1, not too much time in the car, "getting close to" nature, and getting salty wet.

We've also done a fair number of things up and down the Keys already. So we didn't want to do the Turtle Hospital again, or Theatre of the Sea - even though both are excellent.

Here's what we did today. First stop Publix in Key West for picnic provisions. Then out on Highway 1 to Sugarloaf Key, coming off the main road onto Sugarloaf Blvd. and drove for a few miles amongst the mangroves. I wanted to take Old State Road 4a north to do the loop and rejoin Highway 1 but it was closed. So we took the Old State Road 4a south for a little while, to where it crosses Sugarloaf Creek, turned back and came back the same way we came.

Visiting Key West in October and November

This vacation we are arriving in Key West on 23 October and leaving on 1 November - what a fantastic time to visit Key West as you get five events during just these few days. These tend to happen on the same dates every year so this is always a great time to visit Key West. The dates below are from 2014 so you'll need to double check the dates for 2015.

FIRST: you get the two best events in Fantasy Fest, the adult themed mardi gras of Key West. That's the Masquarade March on Friday 24 and the main parade on Saturday 25 October.

Monday, October 27, 2014

Busiest tea dance of the year at La Te Da Key West

The final event of Fantasy Fest is the "It's not over until the fat lady sings" Tea Dance at La Te Da hotel in Key West, which was last night 4pm until 8pm, Sunday 26 October.

I've never seen the tea dance, a regular Sunday afternoon institution in Key West, busier. It was packed. The whole of the hotel was open - with a new pool bar and also the Crystal Room bar was open - plus access to all the many balconies in La Te Da. And the hotel was looking better for a little bit of love and attention as a result of the new owners.

Hundreds of dancers, swayers, movers and shakers enjoyed a fantastic set from usual tea dance DJs Rude Girl and Molly Blue, who were resplendent in their bright pink woopie cushion costumes. All in all a very good night indeed. I just never can figure out why the tea dance has to stop at 8pm!

Here's my previous coverage of the tea dance at La Te Da - from March 2013.