Friday, June 14, 2013

Before dawn Key West

Before dawn in Old Town Key West is a mystical time, full of surprises even at this unearthly hour.  Roosters are Key West's mobile alarm clocks, heralds of the new day, urging us to rise. The fish are still asleep, the traffic is quiet(ish), the final party goers stumble home, debris lines Duval Street an ugly reminder of the indulgence of the night before.  Today's Citizen is mysteriously already in the vending machine, the first customers order their first drink of the day at Schooner Wharf bar.    

In the midst of all this it's easy to miss the gently unfolding, spectacular sunrise. Why does everyone rave about the Key West sunset, what's wrong (or different?) with the Key West sunrise?
Old Town Bakery on Eaton Street is a hive of activity just before dawn.
A posh yacht with a funky lighting rig

Flagler Station, looking from the Bight towards Caroline Street, and the first glimmers of light and color fill the Key West skies.
Half Shell Raw Bar's blue neon 
The fishing boat captains are up early looking for their day's catch

An almost deserted Duval Street just after dawn
Key West sunrise - here seen over the Key West Bight.  Worth waiting the night for.