Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Shopping in Key West

Fun shopping in Key West
Here's the best shops and stores in Key West. I've chosen these shops because, like the best of Key West, they are unique, off beat, a little bit strange. So if you're after towels, rum, salt, hot sauce, hammocks, and kitsch tropical ware - Key West is the place for you. Pack a spare suitcase.

The best 9 stores in Key West are:
  • Salt, a small boutique store for interesting items made in, or near, Key West - including honey, art, jewelry and salt. A really beautiful shop.
  • Key West's first legal rum distillery. As well as the shop, this is where they actually make the rum. See the making in action and then buy the result.
  • Peppers of Key West. Hundreds of chilli pepper sauces from around the world. Sweet to mega hot. Tasting bar is free.
  • Leather Master. Fun toys and clothes for naughty boys. Recently has added a new section for ladies so I hear.
  • Assortment Inc. With Fast Buck Freddy's now closed, where do we get our outrageous tropical themed gear? At Assortment Inc of course.
  • Towels of Key West. Cheeky, camp and fun towels and t-shirts. This shop closed in July 2016 after 30 years of trading in Key West. It was one of the oldest stores in Key West. Very great shame.
  • Cocktails of Key West. As above. Could they possibly be targetting gay men?! As it was owned by the same 2 guys this also closed July 2016.
  • Key West Hammock Company. Fantastic selection of hammocks but also fantastic metal murals of fish shoals and turtles for your garden wall.
  • Timmy Tuxedo's - 50 years and counting. Maybe the apostrophe is in the wrong place, but who am I to argue? They even have a website - Google it.
Here are some pictures and more details if you can't visit in person any time soon.....

Half way down Fleming St, opposite Help Yourself!
Salt Island Provisions on Fleming Street in Key West
Salt Island Provisions in Key West
Some of the salt that is sold in Salt on Fleming Street

The story of salt - its history and mission

Key West's first legal Rum Distillery 
Simonton Street
Key West's first legal rum distillery
Key West raw and unfiltered rum from first legal distillery in Key West

Leather Master
Appelrouth Lane, off Duval Street

Assortment Inc
514 Fleming Street

Front window display from Assortment Inc in Key West - tropical fashion

806 Duval Street

Kent Henry and Stan Wellman started this shop 30 years ago in 1985. It is (was - see below) the oldest gay run shop on Duval Street. It's great. Go.

Update: November 2016. Unfortunately, you are too late. They closed and sold up and moved back to Idaho in July 2016. Their Facebook says they will open an online store but the link is dead and so nothing yet. Here's hoping as the towels were AMAZING and I need more!

Cocktails of Key West
Next door to Towels of Key West, Duval Street

Update: November 2016. Unfortunately, you are too late. They closed and sold up and moved back to Idaho in July 2016. 

Key West Hammock Company
719 Duval Street
Key West Hammock Company exterior from Duval Street

Metal geckos in crazy colors at Key West Hammock Company 
Fantastic colourful shoals of fish at Key West Hammock Company
Timmy Tuxedo's - the Store for Men
812 Fleming Street

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