Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Peppers of Key West

Visit Peppers of Key West store: as if Key West is not hot enough already this experience makes you even hotter. This is a great store on Greene St in Key West which sells all things related to peppers and chillies. Sit up at the tasting bar and let the team take you though a tasting of a dozen sauces, starting from mild and going as hot as you dare. How far up the hot scale can you go?....
The tasting bar at Peppers of Key West at 602 Greene Street. We're mid-tasting here, starting off with some very mild and tangy sauces.  This is great fun, and free!

Click to see the rest of the story and a video of us at the chilli tasting bar on a recent visit....and to see their most powerful $2,000 bottle of hot sauce....click below...

It's a great shop with very friendly and knowledgeable staff. Here are some of the hundreds of pepper and hot chilli sauces they sell in the shop.

 So we had to try the tasting bar.  We tried about 10 very different sauces.
 And I was in a sweat after the first one! Here are the ones we purchased to take home.

 And here are some we did not (too hot!).
 Not just sauces...if it's chillis or peppers, it's in this shop!

 So we did not taste or buy the seriously hot stuff which they keep on a separate shelf...
...or behind perspex.  The hottest we tried was a few thousend scoville units (the official measure of how hot chilli is).  The hottest they taste with in the store is a few tens of thousands - and they taste that on the end of a toothpick - no more!  This one, not for tasting, is 10m scoville units.
Blair's Caldera. Outch! Quite a collectors' item apparently.  And yes, that really IS the cost - $2,000.  It's the hottest in the store.  You have to sign a disclaimer before they will sell it to you.  Really.
Another arse shockingly hot one.  This is is a really funny shape!

Great experience - go.


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