Saturday, December 29, 2012

Towels of Key West

Towels of Key West, the store on Duval Street, has been trading since 1986 - which makes (made - see paragraph below) it one of the longest trading in Key West. Opened back then by the same, current owners: Kent Henry and Stan Wellman. This makes this shop the oldest gay store on Duval Street and one of the oldest shops on Duval, period. 5 years ago they also started to sell their own cool clothing range - American Boy Key West - see the pics below. Their shop front window is always well designed, entertaining, and makes me chuckle when I pass.

Update: November 2016. Very sad news..... Unfortunately, you are too late. They closed and sold up and moved back to Idaho in July 2016. Their Facebook says they will open an online store but the link is dead and so nothing yet. Please open the online store guys - we miss you!
The towel range in Towels of Key West.  This shop does what is says on the tin!  I particularly like this blue Conch Republic towel.
Not surprisingly they stock a lot of, yep, towels - see above of a picture of part of the display.  But they also recently expanded into next door and now sell more than towels - including a great selection of funny, clever, and a little rude, t-shirts (exclusive to here).

This cock (as we call a rooster in the UK) is now mine. I bought the t at the top of this picture.
With the closure of FBF and some of the other unique stores in Key West we must treasure those that remain.  This is a gem, the staff are friendly, so go in today and purchase!  I did - I bought the rooster t-shirt in the picture above!

UPDATE: Even better than the great towels were the t-shirts. Now they have closed we are gutted - where are we going to get fab, humorous t's like these now? Argh!!!

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