Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Key West pictures of the week

Here are my Key West pictures of the week, every one taken by myself, during my few days in Key West in early January. Leading the pack, and my biggest surprise of the week, was a dolphin which I snapped from land and who appeared immediately in front of me. I've never seen a dolphin in Key West before from land and so this was a neat surprise. He hung around for 5 minutes or so before disappearing. After all these visits, there are still some trees that surprise me in Key West too. I'm not totally sure what this tree is with the amazing buds but maybe someone can tell me in the comments. It looks other worldly, something that could appear in sci-fi. Details of certain buildings fascinate me and the red brick tile feature on the top of the Old Custom House caught my eye this time. We don't look enough at the detail life offers us.

Please enjoy. They are all original, taken by me, and totally un-photoshopped or altered in any way.

Natural and organic Key West photography.

Dolphin in Key West comes up by the sea wall in the Outer Mole. It was early morning and there was just me and him around. He hung round for five minutes.
Shrimping boats, here 2 of a dozen of them, came inshore from their hunting grounds, because of bad weather expected soon.

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Colorful tables at the sunset quay just off Mallory Square in Key West. This is operated by the Ocean Key Resort, but is open to all
African Tulip tree at Southard and William Streets with its banana shaped flower buds

Liberty - Close up of the tile near the top of the Old Custom House Key West
Detail at the top of the Old Custom House Key West
It's Christmas (was Christmas) on the seas too!

More of my Key West pictures.

Crazy Key West pictures - taken by me in Key West (I love this page and these pics - take a look!)