Key West pictures

I hope you enjoy my Key West pictures - I've selected just a few of my favorites from many, many vacations.  I hope they give you a flavor of the Key West vibe.  Click here for more of my Key West pictures [goes to my Flickr]. 

Or see my photo collection showing how crazy Key West is - click here. I love this set of pictures, so please click!

Getting your Key West bearings
Beginning of Highway 1 on Whitehead Street in Key West.  The 'End' Sign is on the other side of the road.
The Key West light house.  Taken from the balcony of the Hemingway House across the street (Whitehead St).
Green place with a lighthouse sticking up - Key West from La Concha hotel.

The view down Duval Street taken from Key West's tallest building, La Concha hotel.

Walking the streets of Key West

A mansion on Fleming St in Key West, with an impressive Bismark Palm at the front.

Bougainvillea on Fleming. 

Key West - fun and a little crazy

Note the head ware. Fun outside Fast Buck Freddie's on Duval Street.  This particular party is MOTM street parade.

Key West mandatory party ware - beads.
Tina Turner in Aqua night club on Duval.

Playing to the chickens at Blue Heaven.

Key West can throw up some strange sights - a green parrot and the pink Financial Times, in Old Town Mexican on Duval.

Just after the poker run in Key West.

Key West peace, never far from the ocean
The fabulous Key West Bight - that's harbor to you.

Key West resident.
Fort Zach beach in Key West.

Key West by night
The iconic Sloppy Joe's - by neon.

A&B Lobster House sign.

Every one of these have been taken by me in Key West over the last 5 years or so.  Feel free to use as long as you credit my blog and link back to it, please.

Click here for more of my Key West pictures. [goes to my Flickr page]

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