Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Long Lost Key West - The Monster and Atlantic Shores

I don't often post about a specific product but here you can wear a slice of Key West history and also look totally cool!

I saw them first in Fast Buck Freddie's, and also some locals I've seen wearing them around town.  They do several designs.

The current Long Lost Vintage Tees designs in Fast Buck Freddie's
I love the Monster one and, as you can see, I've purchased it!
I got it from Evolution on Duval for $36 plus tax.  Long Lost Vintage Tees has a webstore if you want to buy one.

I've suggested to the company that they should do an Atlantic Shores t-shirt.  Ahhhh - what great memories of that place.    I did a post on Atlantic Shores way back in 2009.  The guys at Long Lost Vintage tees say they are working on it already and they will let me know if they manage to achieve it. So watch this space!  

If you have a memory about the Monster (it was before my time!) or Atlantic Stores (or have a picture of can get a good quality version of the logo!) I'd love to hear from you.