Monday, March 5, 2012

Fast Buck Freddie's

Fast Buck Freddie's is - was -  Key West's 'rather different' department store but is now closed.

It was at 500 Duval Street, next door to Margaritaville.   Open since 1976, it bills itself as a 'tropical' department store and it's one of those unique Key West things.  It's unlike any other department store I've ever been in. It's a real loss to Key West.
Outside of Fast Buck Freddie's by day - from across Duval Street
Fast Buck
Close up at the entrance of FBF
For many years in the past I thought FBF's was a bit boring.  But they seem to have put lots of effort into their design and layout inside and also have great window displays.  Or they haven't changed and I am getting old.

Here's some pictures of the store today.

Fast Buck Freddie's window display features massive flowers of Key West - here a huge paper hibiscus.  They have added educational signage about the flowers too which is a good touch.
Fast Buck stocks this selection of really cool Lost Lost T's - featuring old, now closed, establishments from Key West history.
One of the tropical departments in Fast Buck Feddie's

These are fab.  3D cushions featuring tropical plants!
Fast Buck Freddie's by night