Sunday, August 2, 2009

Kew West - glass half empty or full?

A lot of people knock Key West.

Read the Key West Citizen almost any day and in Citizens' Voice you'll see some Conch saying that Key West isn't what it used to be.

Vagrants, too many tourists, too few tourists, the wrong type of tourists, mosquitoes, property development, house prices too high, house prices falling too fast, and even beaches with naked people on them. (On this last one - is this really Key West?)

Well I have two views.

First, things do change. Even Key West changes.

Second, it might be worse (maybe) than it was but it's still sunny, packed full of beautiful nature and laid back. And thousands of people's fantasy is to live where you live. So it could be much worse, right?

I'm only a regular but occasional visitor to Key West but over the last 10 years I have noticed change. I miss lots of things and one of them is Atlantic Shores.

Apart from the fact it was a brilliant venue and location, and it had a iconic, much missed logo I had some fantastic evenings and nights at the (dare I say 'legendary') tea dance on a Sunday. (Where at the end of one drunken evening one person in my party was called by a random stranger 'The Best Dancer in Key West'!).

Yes, it's true, some things change for the worse and we'll never get them back.

But the present Key West ain't that bad!