Saturday, October 15, 2016

Masquerade March at Fantasy Fest

The Masquerade March or Peoples' Parade or Peoples' March is by far the best event at Fantasy Fest, Key West's annual mad and crazy two week long party. The best thing about Masquerade March is that it features you.... visitor or local alike you are the march, you are the event - all 5000 (or more) of us. Don't be a boring spectator - get dressed up and be part of the fun.

p.s. it's not really a March - it could equally be called the Masquerade walk, stumble or dance.

The 2016 Masquerade March in Key West was on Friday 28 October. I did a live blog of the event with around 50 pictures of all the costumes and fun - click here to read it.

Masquerade Marching in the sunshine welcomes everyone

The walking route is through Old Town from one guest house to the next (i.e. from one free drink to the next - yep, happy days), and ends up on Duval Street. It goes at a very slow pace and lasts about 1hr 30 to 2 hours depending on how fast you go. There's no rush.

When you get to the end, on Duval, the street is blocked off and you can continue to party.

But here's the thing: it's a masquerade: a false show, or pretence, being someone you are not. Or, in simpler words, fancy dress!

Get your fancy dress thinking caps on. Almost everyone dresses up, in a thousand different outfits.

It's excellent!

Come as you are or go crazy on your costume. Use your creativity at Key West Masquerade March
My award for outfit of the year at 2016 Masquerade March goes to these monsters
Party on Duval at the end

Duval Street at the end of Masquerade march is busy and fun

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