Sunday, December 18, 2016

Fantasy Fest 2016 live blog

Fantasy Fest 2016 is over and all that remains are a few hangovers, memories, a fancy dress outfit that needs to be locked away for another year, lots of pictures and blogs like this one. Enjoy!

Here are 3 pics but you can see loads more further down this blog post, which was a live blog during Fantasy Fest itself.

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Now just browse below for my posts and pictures from the 2016 Fantasy Fest....

Final Sunday - 30 October 2016

It's Sunday and the last event of Fantasy Fest 2016 which finishes today. For most people it's a headache/hangover morning and mass exodus back to Miami or wherever home is. But there's a great event today - the tea dance at LaTeDa.

Despite a little bit of rain it was as packed as ever.


It's Saturday and a very overcast and damp Key West for the biggest party of the year. 70,000 people stand a good chance of getting a little or a lot wet tonight when the main Fantasy Fest parade starts at 7pm.  

Parade was a bit boring this year, boring theme and too much gap between the floats. New camera and the pics are poor - here are the only half decent ones...

Now to Friday 28 October 2016 and here are a lot of pics of the Masquerade March through the streets of Old Town. Needless to say, it was brilliant....Enjoy....

With me as judge, here's the outfit of the year award:

With these wonderful retro flight attendants in second place:

Here's the rest of the pics:

I love the caption on the t-shirt

click below link for more...

Previous updates:
It's Friday 28th and welcome to the live blog for today's people's march, the Masquerade March at Fantasy Fest 2016.

This live blog will be updated regularly and tomorrow (Saturday) you'll see all the pictures of all the amazing costumes from today's parade through Old Town Key West. Please come back and see them.

3.27. final preparations
we're off to a parade - come back tomorrow - i expect to post about 50 amazing pics of all the brilliant people and creative costumes that I take pics of on the parade - see you tomorrow. KeyWestDavidxx

2.34pm - Time to get ready

Outfit laid out on bed. Start to get ready. Like thousands of others around the island who are getting prepared to be the Masquarade March at 5pm - 1.5 hours to go.

Theme was going to be Freddy Mercury in I Want to Break Free but too tricky to import the hoover to USA!


Our theme this year is St Trinian's girls - complete with hockey sticks. So if you see 2 blokes looking like blokes trying to look like St Trinian's girls - that's us. Say hi!

Pre-drinks here at Alexanders soon with Jessica Devereaux performing. Great!

Wine  kicking in. This sign in our room definitely true.....

1.30pm - We're all Starting early

Just back from lunch, walking along Eaton. Passed 2 nice ladies past their first blushes of youth shall we say, on their Eaton St porch. I don't know when they had started (it's 5 o'clock somewhere after all) but they seemed quite drunk already. 

Anyway, it was lovely talking to you and thanks for the beads - first beads of the day.

Home now and time to start our own drinks. You can see the beads in these pics. Cheers!

Old posts:

So the big question is the weather: it's humid and overcast as you can see from these pics from this morning. 

But will it rain on our parade at 5pm?

Here's the forecast. Looks ok, let's hope otherwise there is going to be a lot of wet costumes!

Previous posts:

The countdown has finished  - it's day zero - it's the big day!!

It may be #2 in terms of size, but today's party is the best, the most fun.

Today in Key West: it's overcast, humid, and ready to party.

Here's some images from around town from my morning walk - this blog will be updated all day and then tomorrow with dozens of pics.

Beads will be a recurring theme today. Here's some vintage beads from previous Fantasy Fests put to good use on FlemingStreet

Fleming Street at 8am - quiet - it will be very different at 5pm today! Note the overcast sky.
There's a lot of people and a lot of money in town today. This yacht in the foreground is HUGE!!
9am and to quote Brian Ferry "now the party's over, I'm so tired." Homeward bound after a hard night
A quiet Duval Street - the barricades are ready to by put into place for the Saturday main event

Thu 27th

Only in Key West, only during Fantasy Fest......

Thursday 27 October 2016 - Live blog Fantasy Fest

We're back. We've arrived. And today it rained very hard.

But you can't keep Fantasy Festers down, even a few inches of incredibly hard tropical rain.

Here's today on the streets of Key West. Only in Key West, only during Fantasy Fest.

Final items from Fairvilla for tomorrow's Masquerade March

Today it rained a lot. This was a good outfit for the rain

Rain, what rain?

Yes I am still here. Yes, Fantasy Fest is very quickly approaching. Yes, we are still  visiting Key West for this year's Fantasy Fest. Yes, this live blog of Fantasy Fest will be much busier as soon as I arrive in Key West in a few weeks.

And, yes, whilst we have chosen our Fantasy Fest costume I have not bought any of it and I am panicking. A lot.

If you are coming to FF this year, it would be amazing if you left a comment and told me what fancy dress you are coming as. (I won't copy,  promise, we really have decided what we are wearing for Masquerade March.)

See you soon.

David Key West
1 October 2016

Fantasy Fest 2016 in Key West is taking place between 21 October and 30 October 2016. It's a series of fun parties which culminate in the two best events: the Masquerade March on Friday 28 October and the main parade on Saturday 29 October. It's fantastic to visit if you like busy parties, hedonism and don't mind Key West being as busy as it ever gets.

This year's theme is Political Voodoo and Ballot Box Barbarians - a theme which is too long, too boring and too ridiculous for words (no really, I can't believe someone actually though this was a good idea).

However, let's move on! Here's a good thing: we are going to Fantasy Fest 2016! Yeah! So I will be live blogging Fantasy Fest 2016 just like I did the Fantasy Fest 2014 live blog.

And even better, rather than agonize for months, we have already decided our outfit for the Masquerade March (which some bright spark seems to want to now call the People's Parade - yawn!). I'm not going to tell you what we decided - you'll have to  wait until 28 October.

For Fantasy Fest newbies who want more info on the basics of visiting for Fantasy Fest this post from me is for you.

To see loads of pictures of what it's like - see my live blog of the 2014 Fantasy Fest here.

In fact, I will do the live blog of 2016 here in this very post. So  check back regularly - especially nearer the event - when I will be updating this post VERY REGULARLY!!

See you soon!

David Key West
January 2016