Monday, October 27, 2014

Busiest tea dance of the year at La Te Da Key West

The final event of Fantasy Fest is the "It's not over until the fat lady sings" Tea Dance at La Te Da hotel in Key West, which was last night 4pm until 8pm, Sunday 26 October.

I've never seen the tea dance, a regular Sunday afternoon institution in Key West, busier. It was packed. The whole of the hotel was open - with a new pool bar and also the Crystal Room bar was open - plus access to all the many balconies in La Te Da. And the hotel was looking better for a little bit of love and attention as a result of the new owners.

Hundreds of dancers, swayers, movers and shakers enjoyed a fantastic set from usual tea dance DJs Rude Girl and Molly Blue, who were resplendent in their bright pink woopie cushion costumes. All in all a very good night indeed. I just never can figure out why the tea dance has to stop at 8pm!

Here's my previous coverage of the tea dance at La Te Da - from March 2013.

I am wearing my Monster Key West t-shirt to the tea dance.. The Monster was situated where Hog's Breath is now, on Front Street until it closed in late 1980s. As a local reminded me tonight, at the time it was the only gay club in Key West and she was there at the bar in the Monster when she was 16 - having a fantastic time! 

The newly refurbished pool bar at La Te Da hotel. 

All are welcome at the tea dance in Key West, including pirates. The pirate here is on his cell phone!

Retro 2002 Fantasy Fest poster, on the stairs up to the Crystal Room in La Te Da hotel  

Another afternoon at the tea dance a few years before

Gay Key West

The tea dance is always busiest on the last Sunday of Fantasy Fest. Here are some pics from the tea dance on Sunday 30 October 2016: