Thursday, March 21, 2013

Elton John at Aqua in Key West

I've seen the show at Aqua on Duval Street a few times over the years, and it's still the best drag show in town.  The performers are excellent; the music mixed, loud and well chosen; they even manage to lip sync in time with the music every now and then!!  Seriously, they are great and it was brilliant to see Elton John too in the line up, see this video:

All together then:
"Girls who are boys 
Who like boys to be girls 
Who do boys like they're girls 
Who do girls like they're boys 
Always should be someone you really love"

Everything goes at Aqua!   Here are some pics of our night there on Saturday:

 Inga is my favorite.  Great outfits, dirty music, classic expressions.
Inga x2 at Aqua in Key West

Just some of the drinks.  We drank quite a lot!

 There are 2 shows, on at 9 and one at 11pm.  We arrived at about 10pm and saw the end of one and then the all of the other.
The finale of the Aqua show.
Immediately the last show ends the disco starts. Here's the first song they played: