Friday, January 6, 2012

Reasons to vacation in Key West

#1 - The weather is great - always (bar storms and hurricanes!!)

Let's get the obvious out the way.  It's usually hot.  For 3 months it's extremely hot (and,worse, humid).  Sometimes a hurricane.  Very occasionally, torrential rain for 3 days.  But mostly sunny and hot. Beautiful.

#2 - The drive down the Keys from Miami to Key West

126 miles from the first mile marker.  Takes 3 hours from Miami, if there is no traffic.  I love the drive.  And the views, the 7 mile bridge, the parks on the way, the things to do on the drive down, the signs on the roadside.  And it makes it remote.

#3 - The history of Key West is awesome

First there was nothing (but lots of animals and plants).  Then some people. The the pirates.  Then wreckers.  Then the richest place anywhere in America per capita.  Then the spongers.  Then the turtle canneries.  Then the Cuban cigar factories.  Then the railroad.  Then poverty. Then tourists.

What a heritage.  Come and be part of it.

#4 - The locals are really friendly

(note the aquarium on the back - this guy comes complete with disco music too)

The three hour drive, the island, sun sea and surf and the heritage.  It produces many interesting local characters, some bordering on the crazy.  I love it.  Find a locals bar and, just like Hemmingway did, talk to the locals.

And lots of great local artists.

#5 - It's a party town - there's so much to do.

Great bars including Sloppy Joe's.
Great martinis.
Great live music.

(note the parrot, bottom left, listening intently to the jazz)

Lots of weird and wonderful speciality shops.
Great restaurants and food.
Lots to do.
Always some festival or event on.

Duval is always a party street.

#6 - It's a quiet, sleepy backwater

Yep.  Get off Duval and it gets quiet.  This is a walking town....Within a few blocks see the beautiful homes and amazing plants, flowers and trees of Key West.

#7 - The ocean

I've left the best till last.



For a few more reasons see my post on this blog 34 Reasons why Key West rocks.  Thanks.