Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Fantastic flowers of Key West

Key West's flowers are the best in Florida, a state named in honor of its flowers. Key West flowers, trees and plants are all colors of the spectrum: beautiful, amazing, and in some cases freaky. 

Here's my photo collection of just some of them. All these are my original pictures, not photo manipulated in any way. Remember all these can be seen on foot within a 20 minute walk. Wandering Old Town Key West and losing yourself in all this natural beauty is one of the best things you can do in Key West.

Natural organic artistry.

Mango tree 

Frangipani or pulmeria in Key West
Which brings me to hibiscus, my single favorite flower (shrub?) in Key West. Key West is a hibiscus paradise! Here's one or two pictures of Key West hibiscus, of different colors, but I've done an entire post on with with many more glorious hibiscus pictures.

Pink hibiscus in Key West with palms in the background

Bright red Key West hibiscus on Eaton Street
Yellow hibiscus with red center in Key West

Enough hibiscus! Let's move on....

Shaving brush tree in Key West. This is really extraordinary weird!
Had to sneak in this strange moth

Ok, this is actually a cushion from Fast Buck Freddie's!!!
I' only know of one rose bed in Key West.  It's this one in the Key West  garden club at West Martello Tower

More of my pictures of Key West here: