About Me

I'm Key West David and since my first visit to Key West in 1998 I was hooked. 

In 1998, I visited a day after Hurricane Georges had passed through Key West and so even though she was looking a bit windswept I was fascinated by this small, eccentric town that danced to its own beat. I've been writing this blog - Key West Lookout - since 2009.

In the years I've been coming here, Key West has changed a lot - and it's one of this blog's objectives to document that evolution. [More and more often the changes are not for the better, I'm afraid. I don't yet write too many posts on "Key West is changing and going to the dogs" but I did write one here - see right at the bottom of the post, The Normalization of Key West.]

My other, non Key West, home is London, UK. It's much colder! 

To see the pilgrimage I make regularly from London to Key West, and why bother, click here.

Key West Lookout is written by me. It's my baby and no one has ever written one of my posts. I love writing about and photographing Key West - all the thousands of photographs on this blog are taken by me, and I do not use Photoshop or any other photo editing system at all. Ever. What you see here, is what you get in Key West.

I blog for fellow visitors and those planing a vacation, and as a permanent photo record of the part of Key West I visit and the people I meet. 

I often talk to Key West business owners but do not accept anything commercially, no money or inducements of any sort. So the opinions here are all mine, the pre-conceptions mine and mine alone - right and wrong. If there are any errors or if you disagree with me - blame me!

also not allow links or advertising. If you try commercial links in comments, I will delete them.

Thanks for visiting, I hope this blog helps you or entertains you. 

If you leave a comment, that would be great.

Feel free to contact me using this email address: keywestdavid911@gmail.com

Here are my future and past Key West visits:

Next visit: booked and arriving late October 2016 for Fantasy Fest (our 3rd time). Yeah!
See here for live 2016 Fantasy Fest post

2014: For Fantasy Fest 2014 - 23 October to 1 November
2014: 1 January for 5 days
2013:  March 2013
2013: 1 January 2013
2012: 12 November
2012: 3 March to 10 March 2012
2011: September 2011
2010: 4 November
2009: 3 October
2009: 20 March
2008: For Fantasy Fest
2007: 1 November
....& lots before this I need to dig out the dates for!
1998: first visit

David Key West kayaking off Stock Island at sun set

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David Key West. Sitting at the outside bar in Blue Heaven. My cocktail is  a Key Lime Pie martini (they don't have it on the cocktail menu anymore but they will make it for you if you ask nice), and it's excellent