Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Inga from Aqua Key West

Inga is the most outrageous and funniest drag queen at Aqua nightclub in Key West. This post is all about him - in honor of his hard work as show director, the amazing costumes and the work each night putting on a great drag show.

The show is called Reality is a Drag, every night at Aqua on Duval Street in Key West. To find out more about this highly recommended show - see my post here. Inga's been at Aqua for 18 years and  all the drag queens that perform here are super talented and excellent but try to choose a night Inga is on the bill.

Here's Inga and her various crazy costumes over the years....

Inga and me, Key West David

Inga in her 4 hands outfit - this is probably the funniest outfit I have seen - a classic

Inga and the blue fish outfit
Inga and her bicycle outfit standing outside Aqua. This is an inspired creation
Inga and her Hello Kitty

Here's a very short video of Inga in action. I have loads more but they are too rude for this website! This show is a little rude but I totally love that about Inga.

Halloween glamor from Inga

Inga in her Goldfinger outfit - with the gold finger now in her hand
Mark giving Inga a dollar for her trouble
Inga in orange camo

Yes, this is rude!

Inga in bicycle outfit, one of my favorites, and the other performers waiting for the show to begin, and trying to pull in punters - at Aqua on Duval Street, Key West

One of Inga's 1000 expressions

Inga on Paddy's Day 2014 - being accosted by a friendly punter
Inga - pretty in pink!

And a 13 second video of Inga in action:

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