Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Tarpon feeding in Key West

See the tarpon feeding while you're in Key West, daily 4pm, free. Watching the tarpon feeding is a must do while you are in Key West. Update 2016: They don't seem to do the feeding here in the Historic Harbor anymore. I hear they might do it further up the island on the Charterboat Row. As a local or a fisherman if you want more information. It's shame because, as you can see from the pictures below, it was great entertainment.

There's a lot to take in: the fisherman who expertly gut the fish, the huge tarpon who lurk just below the surface, the dozens of fighting, arguing pelicans who compete viciously for the off cuts - the guts, the heart, the eyes. It happens daily on the Harbor Walk (Historic seaport/Key West Bight), right by the A&B restaurant.  It's meant to happen at 4pm but on the day these pictures were taken it started at 3pm.

It's one of the most fascinating shows in town. Here's a video and click below to see more great pictures of this daily spectacle....

Dissecting the fish for the Key West tarpon feeding.
Preparing the fish (to the left of the pic) for the Key West tarpon feeding.
Key West harbor's large tarpons getting excited before the daily feeding
Pretty large tarpons in Key West harbor, waiting for their dinner during the daily feeding

Lazy pelicans waiting for a hand out.  Can't blame them!

Synchronised pelicans.
Once the scoop of pelicans (yep, the collective noun is a scoop!) has got a scrap of fish, whatever bit of the fish it is, the fight begins.  And goes on for ages!
He who can reach further wins the spoils

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