Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Aqua nightclub Key West

Inga on the stage at Aqua nightclub Key West
9pm at Aqua bar and nightclub on Duval Street in Key West is showtime when the Aquanettes hit the stage with their drag show called Reality is a Drag. It's $15 entrance (no drinks included in this price): get there for the 9pm show and, if you like it, you can stay through the next show for free (which is at 11pm Friday and Saturday). This is a great show, good fun, not for the easily offended and highly recommended.
For more pictures of the show and the performers click below…

The drag is pretty good actually: these girls know how to put on a fabulous show. In one night, you'll experience dozens of songs (all lip synched, expertly), ranging from rock through pop to country, many changes of glamorous outfits, as well as some hilarious rude songs from Inga. Needless to say, this is not a quiet night out with family entertainment!
Reality is a Drag is a drag show at Aqua Key West

If you're wondering about the clientelle, it's totally mixed: male/female, young (but not under 18)/old/very old, straight and gay (and in between). All are welcome here. And bring your dollars as tips which will be gratefully received by the performers during their performances (if you've never inserted a dollar bill into Tina Turner's cleavage as she looks at you singing River Deep Mountain High, you will at Aqua!).

Tips: During peak months, if you want a good seat/view, get there early. Also if you are a group or a hen party, go for a booth. They seat up to 6, on a round table, you get a fantastic view and you get very interactive with the drag queens during the show. For these booths, reservation in advance is essential.
Aqua Nighclub exterior during the day. It's 711 Duval Street

Now to the entertainers and performers. They are all stars with their own super talents. Here is a variety of pictures that I took over the years in different shows, all at Aqua.

My favorites are Inga and Jessica.

Here is a special post I wrote about Inga. There are dozens of pictures of her various amazing outfits that she has been wearing over the years I have been visiting Key West - hilarious!

Here come the girls.....

Click here to see the amazing Inga and her mind boggling outfits over the years....

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