Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Visiting Key West in October and November

This vacation we are arriving in Key West on 23 October and leaving on 1 November - what a fantastic time to visit Key West as you get five events during just these few days. These tend to happen on the same dates every year so this is always a great time to visit Key West. The dates below are from 2014 so you'll need to double check the dates for 2015.

FIRST: you get the two best events in Fantasy Fest, the adult themed mardi gras of Key West. That's the Masquarade March on Friday 24 and the main parade on Saturday 25 October.

The Masquerade March through the streets of Old Town Key West
Fantasy Fest parade along Duval Street in Key West is watched by 60,000 people
SECOND: you get the block party street festival which is the Parrot Head's Key West hook up, called MOTM or Meeting of the Minds. There are many events most of them for members only. The big public event though is this coming Friday afternoon. They close a few blocks of Duval Street off and have a live music stage which is great fun. The rumor this year is that Jimmy Buffett himself will play the stage (but then again that's the rumor every year!).

THIRD: you get Halloween in tropical Key West.

Here's my favorite house this year and also the competition prize winner.

Monster Disco Key West. Halloween official facade competition winner 2014 - 918 Fleming Street. A house completely transformed. Excellent
Monster Disco Fleming Street
And some others...

This was brilliant...quite different...

1030 Fleming Street dressed for Halloween 
FOURTH: you get all the usual stuff associated with Key West - both the crazy [check out my pictures of crazy Key West] and the sedate and relaxing. There's lots to do in Key West.

FIFTH: Starting just after we depart, you get the powerboat race in Key West.

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