Saturday, March 15, 2014

Sloppy Joe's Bar Key West

Sloppy Joe's Bar on Duval Street Key West
Sloppy Joe's Bar is Key West's most famous bar and its most iconic facade. Sloppy Joe's history is as famous as its exterior. Show me a visitor who's visited Key West and NOT taken a picture of Sloppy Joe's! The bar has live music every day and Key West's best live webcam is right outside the bar so you can wave to your friends in real time. From the building's construction in 1937 through its Hemingway connection, this bar is beautiful, and different, by day and by night. You'll find below more pictures that you'll ever need or want to see of Sloppy Joe's - all taken by me over the last few years.
The main bar inside Sloppy Joe's Key West
Sloppy Joe's January 2014 facade
Red neon of Sloppy Joe's signage
Pina Coladas sign on the outside wall of Sloppy Joe's Key West
Sloppy Joe's at the heart of Duval Street
Some more close ups of Sloppy Joe's neon
Sloppy Joe's - don't forget the apostrophe!

Sloppy Joe's closed - early in the morning on Duval Street

Ya' Kin See It All at Sloppy Joe's. See the web cam on the left of this picture.

Sloppy Joe's famous for live music - here is the music calendar for January 2014

Stephen Barry LaPierre's painting of Sloppy Joe's Bar, one of a series of paintings he did of the streets, buildings and sunsets of Key West.
Sloppy Joe's from a rarely photographed side - not Duval Street, this is the side of the bar on Greene Street
The webcam at Sloppy Joe's facing down onto Ducal Street. It's the best live (permanently running, not stills every few seconds) webcam in Key West

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