Friday, November 7, 2014

Key West signs

There are many great signs in Key West, in turns funny, historic, touching, the odd few iconic, and some just plain visually beautiful. Some are from businesses or times past and are a visual record of the Key West of old. They also show the variety that can be found here.

So for visitors, locals and those just curious here is my collection of Key West signage. These are all original photos. all taken by me over the last 15 years and none artificially adjusted or touched up in any way. Even the first one here is real, enjoy the signs.....

This is a good sign sign. Round the back of Schooner Wharf Bar in Key West.

Island Dolls closes in 2016 after several years on Fleming Street. The sign's not so good by day...

...but comes alive by night. Just like the establishment itself used to! Neon Island Dolls sign.

The last mile marker MM126 on Highway, just outside of Homestead

On this site in 1897 nothing happened. Sign on Peacon Lane, at junction with Caroline Street. 

Fausto's Food Palace sign on Fleming Street. Sign by night. The gold lettering is very bight as the it had just been re-painted when I took this picture in November 2016.

Fausto's sign by day.
Pepe's Cafe sign with shells. On Caroline Street.

One Human Family in the Conch Republic

Birthplace of Pan American World Airways Key West - Caroline Street and Whitehead St

Half Shell raw bar sign in Key West. Eat it Raw

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Reasons for being closed outside Peppers of Key West store
Pepe's Key West sign - Under old management 
Pepe's cafe Key West sign established 1909
Viva Zapata bar Duval Street Key West, no cursing
Viva Zapata bar main sign
Jazz up your Benny from the menu at Blue Heaven Key West
The pearl of Key West - Alonzo's Oyster bar sign Key West

A & B Lobster house Bight side sign
A & B Lobster House Front Street sign
MM 1, by Key West airport. Not quite arrived yet!

Today's the Day - Mel Fisher phrase. And he was right. In the  Mel Fisher museum Key West
80,000 books in Key West Island Bookstore
Key West lighthouse and storm and thunder
MM1. Of course

Bahama Village sign by night at Petronia St (and Duval)
A few of the Conchs we miss
Strand theater neon on Duval Street

Fast Buck Freddie's sign

Open 12ish to 3ish. Maybe.
Close up of Fast Buck Freddie's sign including beads

Key West street sign for Margaret Street

Higgs beach sign
West Martello Tower Garden Center sign

Blue Heaven sign and a visitor posing for the camera
Blue Marlin Motel sign and Marlin 
Orchid Key neon
Close up of Southernmost point buoy from the rear
Fausto's food sign - extreme close up
Schooner Wharf sign
Cafe Marquesa
In the Hemingway house
Florida Keys Scenic Highway sign
Timmy's Tuxedo's The Store for Men sign
Key West Margaritaville sign
Blue Heaven sign (on menu)
Leather Master Key West

Fausto's sign needing some paint

La Te Da sign
Margaritas - they're not just for breakfast anymore
Western Union Key West
Island House sign
High Class Hooker fishing boat sign

Sloppy Joe's neon sign

Key West International airport sign

Key West aquarium sign


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