Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Key West rum distillery

Key West rum
Key West's first legal rum distillery is in full production at 105 Simonton Street. Yep, I'm sure gallons of the stuff has been brewed in Key West illegally but this is the real deal! It's all made here in this historic building (which used to be Key West's coca cola bottling plant - anyone for rum and coke?!). They sell and distill the rum here on site and you can look into the distillery and ask questions.

The big question of course is: does the rum taste any good?

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Well, within 2 minutes of setting foot into the store I was offered a taste but I declined (yes, the only person to have declined a free drink in Key West! - in my defense, it was 10am!). So during my next visit in October 2014 we WILL be tasting and I will update this post then. For now, head down there, buy a bottle and support a fantastic new local business.
Key West's first legal rim distillery on Simonton Street
Key West raw and unfiltered rum which uses the salt in seawater to add to the flavor

Key West rums in different varieties all for sale in the store

The distillery equipment on site at the Key West rum distillery - they were making rum as I took this picture

Paul Menta brewing rum at the Key West rum distillery in Old Town Key West

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