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Hyatt Key West Resort

Hyatt Key West
The Hyatt Key West resort hotel is one of the big hotels central located in downtown Key West. It's a good hotel, stylish but a little smaller than the others. But it would be a good choice and it's very central. Here's my take on the Hyatt:
  • It's the smallest hotel of the big 6 and probably the quietest. This is not a party hotel. You do get the feeling they've have to squish a lot in. Less space here than the other hotels.
  • It's a typical Hyatt. That's a good thing: it's stylish with good service.
  • The bar is quite informal and small. If you like good hotel bars then go elsewhere. Having said that, you're in the middle of Key West so how much are you going to be hanging round the hotel?
  • The swimming pool is small, but they all are in Key West. However, it's surrounded by the accommodation blocks which are pretty tall (5 floors) and so you don't get too many hours of sun. If you are sun worshipper then the other hotel pools are better oriented for more sun.
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  • Ocean view. There are non-ocean room views, partial and full ocean view rooms. You pay for what you get. Make sure you know what you're getting. See pictures on Tripadvisor and below. In my assessment, because of the layout of the buildings, it's my opinion that the Hyatt has a lot of partial view rooms and the "partial" is quite small in many cases. Beware! The Pier House has the best ocean view rooms but they are very expensive.
  • The beach. Three of the four hotels on Front Street have a small beach (or more accurately, sandy area). The Hyatt's is the smallest and actually un-usable.
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Here are some pictures:

Hyatt Key West Resort and Spa 601 Front Street

The Hyatt Kew West's restaurant in the background
The pool and hot tub at the Hyatt Kwt West

The Hyatt and rooms with partial sea view.

Not really a beach at the Hyatt Key West. This is their sandy area. Other hotels have more space and create a slightly bigger sandy area.

You can tell that, with this angle of this block, the rooms to the left (further back from the sea) are not going to get much ocean view.

The ocean view from the pool/main deck of the Hyatt Key West

The pontoon sun deck, jutting out into the ocean, at Hyatt Key West. This is nice. I guess this, and the pool area, gets very busy at peak times of the year.
The view from the Hyatt Key West sun deck
This is the accommodation block at the far end of the property. This picture was taken from outside the hotel, on Simonton Street. See picture below for the view from here towards the ocean.

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