Saturday, January 4, 2014

Eaton Street seafood market

Lobster roll at the Eaton Street Seafood Market
Best lobster in Key West? I've discovered the lobster delights of the Eaton Street Seafood Market. I thought it was just a market, but they prepare lunch sandwiches, including the amazing lobster roll which was really tasty.

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This place is perfect for lunch. I had the loser roll (warmed roll) for $14.95 - lovely mayo and lemon sauce. But there are a few other sandwiches, all fish, see the menu picture below.

The lobster was super fresh and really tasty. This place is very recommended. It's open 11 to 7pm every day. Not a place for evening meal, but ideal for lunch.

In fact, it was so good I went back the very next day. This time I had the warm crab cake sandwich - with lovely mayo sauce. It was even better than the lobster. It was $10 and there was a lot of crab in the sandwich.
Warm crab cake sandwich at Eaton Street seafood market
They sell other food stuffs too in the market (i.e. other than fish - like cheese, veg, olive oil, wine), it's a good place to browse.

They only have a small eating bar inside and one table outside so many people, including me, take out.

Don't forget the homemade cheesecake - see below.

Eaton Street seafood market and restaurant exterior on Eaton Street.

Key Lime cheese cake is homemade at Eaton Street seafood market - it's not too light, but not too heavy. Perfect. And pretty large too!

Inside the shop at Eaton Street seafood market