Thursday, January 23, 2014

Duval Street Key West

Duval Street is Key West's main street with dozens of bars, restaurants, shops and lots of loud and/or weird people. It's always busy - to get some tranquility just fall back a few blocks from Duval, if you want to. Duval Street evolves down its length from Gulf of Mexico (Front Street) to Atlantic Ocean (and the Southernmost point end). The very noisy end is the Front Street end - after 5 blocks it gets less hectic and more interesting. Don't assume all Duval Street is like the first few blocks: if you can restrain yourself from going into the alluring bars in the first few blocks, you've got many more treats awaiting you further along.... I really like Duval from Eaton Street and up.

Here's some pictures of the journey up Duval Street. starting at the bottom at the intersection of Duval and Front - the center of town. Click below

Let's continue the journey up Duval Street:
Duval Street is on the right, we are now looking down Front Street

Pretty soon you get to Sloppy Joe's

Duval Street Key West - busy in peak season

Duval Street at the Strand theater

Looking from Duval Street up Eaton Street - see how quiet things are off Duval Street
Duval Street restaurant - Hard Rock cafe Key West
Duval Street restaurant - Grand Cafe

Oldest House in Key West on Duval 
Tallest building in Key West, La Concha hotel, on Duval Street and Fleming

Here's a video of Duval and Fleming, where Duval Street starts to get more interesting:

Don't forget the rest of Duval Street, there are good bars and shops especially from this point onwards.

More coming soon.


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