Saturday, June 8, 2013

Key Lime Drizzle Cake - Key West style

In Key West you can't move for Key Lime pie so here's an alternative: Key lime Drizzle Cake, Key West style.   Or to give my dish its full name: "David's Delicious Key West Key Lime extra moist Drizzle Cake with a twist".

I am the world's worst chef as I explained in the last post.  But regardless of this, let's press on to the recipe, in a handy step by step style:

Step 1: Pour yourself a big glass of good wine
You can't cook properly without wine in the chef.  Today's plonk is a very nice indeed.
Today's wine is a Gew├╝rztraminer, which is a challenge to get your mouth round even before a drink.  It's from New Zealand and it's bottled by Waimea - floral and excellent.
Step 2: 

Heat oven to 180 degrees C and then Zest 3 key limes by rubbing them on a grater (the lemons are used in step 3 and 6)
Key limes who think they are lemons
Now, the more observant amongst you might now be noticing that in my pictures they are lemons masquerading as key limes.  Ok, I admit, I used lemons because that's the only fruit available in my location.  But please go with me as I continue to refer to them as Key limes - ok?
Zest of "Key limes"
Step 3: Here comes the scientific bit
Mix 3 eggs, 100ml milk, and 250g caster sugar into bowl.
Stir furiously.
Add in 250g self-raising flour, pinch of salt and 1 teaspoon of baking powder.
Stir furiously for ages.
Add in lime zest from step 2.
Heat 100g unsalted butter on the hob until liquid.
Add to the mix and stir for your life.  (This is also a good recipe for bicep development!)

Key lime drizzle cake "batter" mix.  Don't rest, mix!  I got pretty even consistency, which was a big surprise as I was expecting lots of lumps.
As you can see the mix consistency gets really thick.  
Step 4: Pour the magic mixture into a baking tray
Before you pour, grease and line with baking paper.  If you can be bothered.

Pour it in.  Probably don't want to fill the tin more than half as it rises quite a lot.  Mine made a major bid for freedom in the oven.

Step 5: Put filled baking tray into oven for 50 minutes

Step 6: Well done! Half way point: Refill your wine glass which likely will now be empty

Step 7: Making the drizzle
Make lime juice from the naked limes from step 2.
I did extra lime juice to make it strong.
OK hold onto the juice for now.

Next, take 100ml water, add 170g caster sugar put into pan and bring to boil for 5 minutes.
After the 5 mins: add the lime juice into a pouring jug with the hot sugar water.
You have now successfully made the Key Lime drizzle.
Wait for the cake to cook.
40 minutes into cooking and I am worried as my cake makes a bid for freedom.  I think I overfilled the cake tray.
Step 8: The infusion of the Key Lime juice into the cake
Cake on the right and the Key lime drizzle on the left.  They are about to become one.
Pour the liquid onto the cake - it sucks it up like blotting paper.  It's up to you how moist to make this, just add more or less drizzle liquid.  I made it very moist by adding stupid amounts of the drizzle as you can see from this video.   Far, far too much moisture!!

The result...
Key lime drizzle cake 
Key lime drizzle cake, Key West style.  You can see the sugar from the drizzle in this extreme close up!
Step 9: The twist (optional)
I let the cake cool for 5 minutes, got it out of the baking tray, cut it in half and added a creamy layer between the 2 halves.  I actually added a mix of cream cheese AND whipping cream.  But, to be honest, this was way too much, and I'd recommend one or the other.

And here is the end result in its high calorie glory- check out this video:

Here's some gratuitous pictures of my creation.

Key lime drizzle cake with a cream layer - extra moist

Step 10: Eat end enjoy.

Keep an eye out for the World's Worst Chef's next recipe with a Key West twist, exclusively on this blog!  I have some ideas:
  • Duval Street ice cream  - a little bit of everything; served in an open container, starts crazy and gets more peaceful towards the end; one or two surprises along the way
  • Fantasy Fest rump steak - raw, hot, shocking; only for those with brave constitutions; only available for 2 weeks a year (thank god)
  • Key West martini - strong, looks good, different, a little crazy, addictive; impossible to only have the one
  • Key West channel dish - it'll widen your waistline but not clear exactly what this dish is; tends to divide those who try it one way or the other; only one thing is for certain, it'll change you for ever
We'll see.

If you want to see how the professionals do it in Key West, then ignore this recipe (and the washing up involved) and head out to a Key West restaurant - see here for my guide.