Sunday, April 21, 2013

Pictures of the week

Here are some of my personal favorite pictures I took over the course of my last visit to Key West.   I hope you like them too.
The colored tray rests (or whatever you call them) at Blue Heaven restaurant

That's mine, what are you having?  Drinks lined up and ready to go before the sunset celebration in Mallory Square

Yellow frangipani (in Truman Annexe).  Is it me, or does the consistency of the yellow petals remind you of ice cream?  Just me then?

Walking the marine tightrope. This bird seems to be concentrating very hard and looking very nervous.

The host at Sunday's Tea Dance.  I WILL be heard!

Delicate leaves of a Royal Poinciana and St Paul's church in the background
St Paul's church on Duval Street.  Sometimes you get lucky with the light, and the time of day, and the clouds.
A yacht just before sunrise in the Bight - lit up in the most vivid blue.  A very impressive, and I'm sure very expensive, boat.
Half Shell Raw Bar neon from the Caroline Street entrance before sunrise
High Class Hooker.  Just like Key West itself?!
Good morning!

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