Sunday, February 3, 2013

Dogs vs Cats in Key West

Is it just me or is the balance between dogs and cats in Key West changing fast?  Take Fleming Street as an example....

It's the battle of Fleming Street - dogs vs cats.   5 years ago cats ruled on Fleming Street: we'd have a game on our walk back from Duval Street, along the length of Fleming, to see how many I cats could pet on the way home - and regularly it was half a dozen.  No longer: now you hardly find any.

Now Fleming Street is dominated by dogs; I reckon it's the dog capital of Key West.

Not that I am complaining as I love dogs too.  As a tribute, here are some of the beautiful dogs on the streets of Key West.   As well as some of the worried looking cats!
Key West dogs taking it easy.  These 2 labs listening to the jazz in Blue Heaven.

Key West cats looking nervous at the situation - i.e. doggie dominance!

p.s. this post will be updated from time to time with more pictures (as I take them) of Key West's adorable dogs and cunning cats

Have you got any views on doggie dominance?  Is it a good thing?  Or a sign of Key West going to the dogs (ha, ha)?  There is a lot of coverage in the Citizen at the moment about the noise caused by dogs, what do you think?  Please feel free to leave comments - click the button underneath this post.