Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Trip advisor Key West

TripAdvisor Key West has gone mad!  As of today, here are their very strange choices for top things to do in Key West, with my comments in italics.....

1. Tropic cinema - really, for visitors to a sunshine destination, they'd want to go into the dark?
2. Butterfly center - ok, but not my favorite by a long way.  
3. Vandenberg Wreck - good I'm sure, but a bit of a niche interest being both underwater and 7 miles offshore
4. Red Barn Theater - again one for the locals, this one
5. Little White House
6. Yoga on the beach - you're kidding me, right?
7. Overseas Highway - I though this was a list of things to do in Key West, not up the Keys?
9. St Mary Star of the Sea - this is a church!!!
14. Waterfront Playhouse - again, one for the locals
16. US Coast Guard Cutter - is this better than, say, the lighthouse or Audubon House? Not in my book.

Anyway, sometimes TripAdvisor gets it wrong and for visitors to Key West, I think this list is definitely wrong!

My top choices are:

1. Key West harbor walk
2. Audubon House
3. Customs House (i.e. Key West museum)
4. Key West lighthouse
5. Key West aquarium
6. Fort Zach (the fort itself and then the beach next door)

Click here for my full list of Things to Do in Key West, along with reviews of all of these and lots of pictures.