Monday, November 12, 2012

Breakfast at Blue Heaven Key West

Blue Heaven is a unique experience and should not be missed at any cost on a visit to Key West. The best time to come here is Sunday morning breakfast, which is what we did yesterday.

Note that this place is deservedly popular: even though we arrived at 10.40 on Sunday, the wait was just over an hour.

That's ok because, we sat at one of the tables by the bar, listened to the blues and drank coffee followed by one (two, actually) of these:
Key Lime Pie Martini at Blue Heaven
I've given Blue Heaven an especially good rating in my Top Key West Restaurant list this visit - to reflect the fact that this pace has such an excellent vibe and is so unique.

Here are the good and bad.

Blue Heaven: The Good
  • Live music (which is good) a lot of the time
  • Great vibe, roosters, chickens and all
  • Outside dining under the trees
  • Good, fun bar. I recommend the rum cocktails.
  • Great food, both for breakfast, lunch and dinner - some really interesting options on the lunch menu
  • Wide menu choices, especially for breakfast / brunch
  • Vegetarian options are good, and different to your usual fare (ie it's not just mushroom risotto)
Blue Heaven: The not so good
  • Long wait times (i.e. an hour for Sunday breakfast) - if that bothers you. We like it because it gives an excuse to sit at the bar, relax, drink and chill to the live music
  • If you only eat in clinical minimalist setting then this place is definitely not for you!
  • Service is a little stretched at peak time 
  • They have changed the gents toilets so that there is only 1 lockable cubicle.  This is a crazy change and makes the wait for the gents longer than the wait for the ladies (who have 2 cubicles).

But, this place is definitely 100% recommended by me.

It's the only restaurant you really cannot miss on a visit to Key West.

Here's 2 videos I shot to give you an idea of the vibe at Blue Heaven:

And more pictures:

 There is a new look breakfast menu.  The old favorites are still on there, it just looks different. I had the Rooster Special (left hand side, second from bottom).  With blueberry pancakes as my choice.  It was all fantastic.  The blueberry pancakes especially were totally delicious.
Blue Heaven's breakfast menu
Rooster at Blue Heaven.  They are given free range, just one of the things that makes eating outside unique at Blue Heaven.

Here's my article on my March 2012 visit to Blue Heaven, with lots more pictures and a big surprise of what happened just before we ate... RAIN! (in an outdoor restaurant!!!)

Here's my ranking of Key West's best restaurants at the moment - see where Blue Heaven ranks.