Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Alexanders Key West Room 17 the Apartment

If you want to splash out on the biggest room at Alexander's Guesthouse in Key West then Room 17, otherwise known as the apartment, is the room for you. It's by far the biggest, best and at $410 per day, the most expensive. If it's still available and you can afford it, then it's definitely worth the indulgence.

It takes up the whole of the second (i.e. top) floor of the second building (i.e. not in the main house).  It feels very large. Here are the features:
  • Access by stairs up to main entrance. The stairs are only for the apartment, no one else will use them
  • Before main entrance first of 2 balconies, looks out onto hot tub. Gets the morning light. Recently surrounded by screen and made into lie down seating area.
  • In through main door to the main room on the left and the kitchen to the right.
  • Large main room with large tv.
  • Kitchen is fully fitted with fridge, microwave, full oven, sink. The kitchen comes fully stocked with plates, cutlery and all implements. You need to bring/buy your own food, of course!
  • Bedroom is large and looks out onto Fleming Street.
  • Off bedroom is large, modern, shower. The bathroom was extensively remodeled in the refurbishment.
  • Apartment refurbished in summer of 2013
This is one great room in one great gay guesthouse. If you're not familiar with Alexander's I have written another post on the guesthouse, what makes it special, and the other rooms. Find out the history of this 100 year old building, the ghost and why it's called Alexander's. Click here.

Here, I present you, is Alexanders Guest House, and its apartment (room 17) in its newly refurbished glory!.....

First the outside....
One building of Alexanders facing out on Fleming Street.  The apartment, room 17, is the top balcony/floor here.

Alexanders is a gay and lesbian guest house.  I estimate 95% of the gusts are gay (even split between gay men and lesbians), 5% are straight.  All are welcomed.
Alexanders entrance.
And now into the apartment. 

First, a video tour of the apartment.....

Excuse our mess!....

The stairs up to the apartment from the pool.
Alexander's apartment's number 1 balcony. This is the quiet balcony.
Refurbished kitchen and funky new work surface.

And to the (separate) bedroom with its new four poster bed....
The bed is bigger and firmer.  Excellent!

Hercules under the bed in the apartment.  A rescue cat, very cute and the boss around here!
And the 2nd balcony off the bedroom, facing onto Fleming Street....(Shame the hammock has gone!)

Then, we have the fab new bathroom....Double sink...

The 5 man shower in the apartment.  You really can fit 5 men in there at once.  All glass and mirrors too.  You can see your sunburn from lots of different angles!
In the shower.  It's complex technology this shower! - and more powerful than before.
The control panel.  There is no remote control. Note the microphone on the right hand side for shower karaoke.

Back outside on the quiet balcony.  I love the colors in this table.

So the new apartment is great.  Powerful, fantastic shower.  Firmer bed.

Any downsides?  It's expensive for a guest house room - this room does come at a heavy premium, but I guess you'd expect that bearing in mind the size of it.  Also if you are particularly noise or light sensitive you might have some issues.

This, always the best room, is now even better.

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