Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Key West Citizen weather

Here's the weather from the Key West Citizen.

Not being local, I'd missed their change of approach when it comes to the descriptions in the forecast.  Now it's 'creative' stuff like 'Precipitant hope returns' and other original and cryptic ditties (see below).  It sometimes reads more like the cryptic crossword than the weather.

Is this a good development?
The Key West Citizen Weather (a day in March 2012)
Key West weather - as interpreted by the Citizen
Am I the only one to long for a return to a string of 5, totally the same, uncreative, 'Partly sunny' every day like they used to do in the old days?

Alternatively, here's the weather from the Citizen in 1972.  Much simpler times!....
Key West Citizen weather on Thursday September 14, 1972.  From a display in the keepers' cottage in the Key West lighthouse.

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