Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Mallory Square

The Key West sunset is awesome, the sunset celebration which is held nightly in Mallory Square isn't.  But that's just my opinion and it certainly IS very popular!
Basically if you like crowds, entertainers, noise, bad singers, and lots of distractions you'll LOVE Mallory Square for sunset.

Here's a typical example tonight:

If you prefer to focus on the sunset, rather then the 'celebrations' then go elsewhere.  My recommendation is up the top of La Concha Hotel on Duval Street.  Here's a look up at La Concha folks looking out at the sunset.....
La Concha hotel, 7th floor, tallest building in Key West.  A good place to view the Key West sunset.  And closer to a bar (there is a bar up there).
But even that gets too busy for my liking but it's a better view, less music and quicker to get to the bar.  Maybe try the beach at Fort Zach park or your own secret spot if you want to get away from the crowds for sunset.

Get sunset and table service just by Mallory Square.  This is in front of the Westin hotel and this section is run by them.  Most days there is a massive cruise liner 10 meters to the left of this picture which lessens the benefit somewhat.
The madding crowd at Mallory Square 30 mins before sunset.
Part of the celebration.  There are lots of street entertainers and street musicians.  Yes, that is a real ginger cat on the high stool.
The sunset, which was developing in the background, was a side show to the main entertainment.

 I did not get to see the sunset.  I had to get away from Mallory Square - far too noisy and busy for my liking!

What do you think of Mallory Square?  Do you think it's great?  Please leave a comment.

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