Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Fort Lauderdale sunset or sunrise?

Key West is well known for its amazing sunsets.  But I'm in Fort Lauderdale for a few days first and here's a sky display from the Lauderdale beach front.  These pictures taken over a 10 minute period but can you work out if it was a sunrise or sunset?

Hardly any light - the camera is exaggerating the actual light.  Rather boring start.  Loads of clouds because we're at the end of a storm front.  Dark and moody!

A few minutes later and showing more promise!  You can now see the ripples on the water as it's still pretty windy from the storm front.

A few minutes more and the reds are starting.

The contrast between the dark clouds and the red.

Like a painting.

These are actually sunrise pictures here in Fort Lauderdale.

The storm front that took hold for the last two days is finally starting to move on so this morning we were treated to this dark, moody and cloudy sunrise with some subtle colors.

Today was a 'mall then beach' day to celebrate the passing of the storm and the arrival of better (and typical) South Florida weather.