Monday, February 27, 2012

Back in Florida!!

We're back in Florida and en route to Key West.  But first, a stop over...

Almost in Miami.  The inflight moving map shows our route from London Heathrow.  An unusual very southerly routing for the 9 hour flight because of bad weather on the commonly used northern routing.
An hour out from Miami and an idyllic Bahamas.  Just a few puffs of cloud, which has formed rather perfectly over the island itself.

We get to Key West in a week's time but we're doing a week long stop over in Fort Lauderdale first.  But unfortunately there is a storm front in situ in South Florida and, on arrival, its cloudy and windy.

Beach warning flags

Red and purple warning flags today on Fort Lauderdale beaches.  
A Portuguese man o'war washed up on the beach near to Fort Lauderdale.  One of many - hence the purple warning flags flying today.  This one has some of its stinging tentacles attached.  

This is why the men o'war were washed ashore.  Strong bracing winds caused quite a swell today in South Florida.

More on Fort Lauderdale soon.  And why a Fort Lauderdale and then Key West combo makes for a great vacation. [coming soon]