Monday, December 26, 2011

Key West blogs

There are a select number of Key West blogs which are essential reading for preparing and researching for a visit to Key West.

Unfortunately, there are quite a few poor, old, crappy blogs about KW.  And only very few good ones!   Here’s my view on which are the best Key West blogs.

Key West Blogs that give a flavor of the place

#1 - Key West diary by Conchscooter

The best Key West blog.  Conchscoter has been doing a daily photo blog (which is an amazing and very time consuming commitment) since 2007 and it's very good with lots and lots and lots of images of Key West and the lower Keys.

Key West Visitor Guide

Obviously, I hope you like this blog -  [my blog, this blog you are reading now!]

Key West Travel Blog

Regularly updated and lots of pictures - a good blog.

The Key Wester

Regularly updated by Genn, the Key West concierge, a good local perspective, particularly good on restaurant reviews.

Key West Blogs that give a flavor of the people

This Week on the Island

A weekly summary of news and other bits and bobs, written by Doug Bennett.  Very good.

Key West the Blog

Written weekly or so by Arthur A. Winstanley it's a highly personal, amusing and sometimes political take on Key West and other issues.

And that's them all!  If I've missed any then please do let me know in the comments below.