Saturday, November 6, 2010

We're back - Today's Key West pictures

We're back in Key West for the first time in a year.  Staying at Alexander's, of course.

It's been a funny old day today weather-wise, very blustery, with winds 25-35mph today and, going into the evening, still picking up.  But also lots of sun at times.

Here's my images from Key West today:

Cat on a hot tin roof - meet Hercules, the #1 house cat at Alexanders.  And, yes, he is as lovely as he looks.

You can see the strength of the wind in this flag, taken this morning in the Bight.

And the wind was evident when we were sitting on the porch of Coffee Plantation this morning.  Here's the palms swaying not so gently in the gusts across Caroline Street.

Oh, and bye the way, I had Coffee Plantation's home made peach pie - brilliant!