Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The best veggie restaurant in the USA? The Cafe, A Mostly Vegetarian Place in Key West

Is The Cafe, a Mostly Vegetarian Place, the best veggie restaurant in the USA or even the the world?

We certainly think so and eat there several times every Key West stay. Here's my video of our latest meal at the Cafe:

There are other Key West videos on my channel too.

According to Tripadvisor it’s #3 of 217 restaurants (where #1 is a bakery so doesn’t really count) which is a massive achievement in meat and fish dominated Key West/America!

I don’t normally write a full post on just one restaurant but The Cafe is unique – so let’s me try and explain why this place is so excellent (even for a meat eater like myself – ps my partner is veggie).

#1 – It’s modest, but funky, looking from outside

#2 – It’s fully air con now
#3 – Inside, it looks great with lots going on and loads of colours and stuff happening

#4 – The food is excellent.

So this is the important one – and they get it absolutely spot on.  Lots of choice.  Large portions, lots of specials that change regularly.  

And really really good food.  

There are some fish dishes but no meat at all.

#5 – The service and the team is absolutely excellent. 

Welcoming, friendly, very knowledgeable about the dishes, relaxed but efficient.  We did not order sweet potato fries with our entrĂ©e so had to order them when the dish arrived.  It only took 5 minutes - that's efficient!

#6 – They keep our favourite dishes on the menu.... and they are excellent!

Special mention here has to go to our favourites: edamame, gyoza dumplings.

#7 – The people who eat there are interesting.

#8 – You can sit up at the bar, or at the window, or in the annex

#9 – They are really into their art with Key West artists always on display.  This time, this very reasonably priced artist – J Marrero – really caught my eye.

#10 – Great value

I’ve noticed an alarming trend in restaurants in Key West in the last 18 months of really raising the prices.  Especially the other veggie places in Key West really have increased their prices. The Cafe is still very well priced.