Sunday, June 13, 2010

BP and oil and Key West

Loads of coverage here in the UK on tv, radio and newspapers on the oil slick - it is very big news on the UK side of the pond.

Recently in the UK we've had some commentators objecting to Obama and his invective against BP.

In particular, two establishment figures have been saying that President Obama has been anti-UK and has been too radical or unfair in his use of language about the spill.

These 2 are: Boris Johnson the Mayor of London (very posh, ineffectual, style over substance, bit of a joker, not good in a crisis).

And Lord Tebbit (darling of Thatcher, so far right he's ridiculous, very old now and only respected by 80 year fuddy duddies), who says in his blog yesterday (June 12):

What Mr Cameron has to explain to the President is that winding up a hate campaign against the British is not a terribly smart policy. It may win Mr Obama political support amongst the less well-informed voters right now, but the long-term effects are less sure. BP is also a major US company. Busting it might not be a very smart idea and not just on economic grounds. The message that non-US companies are likely to be treated as political punchbags would be a profoundly political message, too.

As usual Tebbit has the wrong end of the stick.

 Here's my view:

1.  Thank god the spill has not hit the Keys.

2. I hope it never does.

3. BP and all its exec management have done a poor job so far.  Both before, at the accident and after.  Shame on you.  Dreadful marketing and PR - but that's the least of your worries.

4. Obama has done his duty in turning up the heat on piss poor BP.  Well done.

5. Bearing in mind the scale of the crisis I see nothing inappropriate in Obama's technique or language.

6. Britain's (mainly right wing) press need to get of their high horse and get a real perspective on this.

7. I am British and, like most folk, I think the important issue is the ecology of the Gulf and the Keys.  Not BP's dividend.

8. In the coming weeks and months we need some luck.  Let's hope we get it.