Saturday, October 10, 2009

Touchdown Key West

We are here!

We've hit a heatwave with near record highs during the day and night at the moment. But it doesn't matter, we're back and it's great!

Even though we visit very often, even in the 3 days we have been here we've found two things to do which we've not visited before (the aquarium and Mel Fisher museum - isn't it strange that Mel's surname is Fisher which, in many respects, is what he did most of this life?!).

Mel Fisher's museum was great - it's a pity the museum does not devote more of its story to the man, rather than his find (the $450m of silver and gold on the bottom of the sea bed that he found on July 20 1985 after 16 years of full time searching).

His own personal story I found fascinating. How one man can be so obsessed and driven to hunt for 16 years, through great personal adversity, for something that he might never have found.

He was a true leader to keep him self and his team driven for all those years.

Here is the sign outside his office - his famous catchphrase which he used every day for those 16 years.

So what's changed about Key West in the 6 months since we've been away?

Well there are more closed, boarded up shops than I can every recall in the past confirming that Key West is suffering too.

But everyone seems as happy and friendly as ever though so there must be some vaccine in the air in KW protecting folks against the recession negativity.

Not too much else has changed much really. Which is a good thing. Positive to see no further horrendous condos or other building work. It will be interesting to see what the new mayor has in mind for the seafront development.