Saturday, August 15, 2009

Service in Key West

I visit Germany regularly for my job and can't help noticing the level of service for visitors like me.

Generally it's good, certainly much better than my home town of London.

Munich is very pretty and lots of tourists are bombarding the city right now.

I can't help drawing comparisons with Key West (not now, but in the peak season).

Key West service is ok. Some places are good, some are not so good. (Again, much better than London.)

A recent article in the Citizen proposed locals become more tourist-friendly and be more accommodating to tourists.

I don't know if this is the answer. It's good for desirable locations to retain a degree of superiority and character. The cookie cutter mentality is all to prevalent in the rest of Florida. Let's keep a republic frame of mind.

Finally, just to prove Germans do it differently, here's a picture of Munich airport - airside. It's got it's own sex shop complete with vibrators on display. Even Fairvilla is not that brave!