Sunday, August 2, 2009

An idea a day keeps the doctor away

It's great to have ideas.

Not innovations - that'll be too scientific for me. Not even ideas that are new to the world. Just thoughts that are genuniely new to you.

My ideas for today.

I want to rennovate 730 Southard Street.

You can't tell from this photo but the property is really run down and needs to be totally restored like so many grand Key West homes have been. I'd love to devote the next 10 years to this project. It's a crying shame. But with an asking price of $1,490,000 is stuff of fantasy for me.

Here's what the realtor has to say:


Right in the heart of Old Town Key West sits this jewel of an original Conch home built in the 1800's awaiting your special touch. The history behind this home spans several generations of just one family. The rooms are large, the ceilings are high and everything is original in this two story home including Dade County pine throughout. There's over 2800 square feet of living space including the large master and guest bedrooms upstairs plus the living room, den, study, dining room and kitchen downstairs. The standup attic runs the length of the building with access to the widows walk allowing for a bird's eye view of Old Town. All this plus room for a pool in the back."


Yes, it's a fantasy. So what about fantastic ideas? Does the ability to dream about total fantasy mark us out as a superior (no other species can do this, apparently) or does it mean we are destined for disappointment and failure?

On an individual level, is it good to have fantastic ideas or is a pointless waste of time or, at worse, dangerous to our mental health?